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Daniel Stenberg
test677: attempt to reproduce imap problem

This works fine for me?

Bug: https://curl.se/mail/lib-2021-06/0024.html
Daniel Stenberg
fixup lib677 to use proper socket type
Daniel Stenberg
ftpserver.pl: add support for the IMAP IDLE command

Used by test 677
Xiang Xiao
curl.h: include sys/select.h for NuttX RTOS

Closes #7287
Daniel Stenberg
multi: do not switch off connect_only flag when closing

... as it made protocol specific disconnect commands wrongly get used.

Bug: https://curl.se/mail/lib-2021-06/0024.html
Jay Satiro
vtls: fix warning due to function prototype mismatch

b09c8ee changed the function prototype. Caught by Visual Studio.
GitHub Pull Request #7282 (1 commit)
GitHub Pull Request #7281 (1 commit)
Bachue Zhou
quiche: use send() instead of sendto() to avoid macOS issue

sendto() always returns "Socket is already connected" error on macos

Closes #7260
Daniel Stenberg
test677: IMAP CONNECT_ONLY, custom command and then exit

Adjusted ftpserver.pl to add support for the IMAP IDLE command

Adjusted test 660 to sync with the fix
GitHub Pull Request #7286 (1 commit)
Jay Satiro
curl_multibyte: Remove local encoding fallbacks
- If the UTF-8 to UTF-16 conversion fails in Windows Unicode builds then
  no longer fall back to assuming the string is in a local encoding.


Some functions in Windows Unicode builds must convert UTF-8 to UTF-16 to
pass to the Windows CRT API wide-character functions since in Windows
UTF-8 is not a valid locale (or at least 99% of the time right now).

Prior to this change if the Unicode encoding conversion failed then
libcurl would assume, for backwards compatibility with applications that
may have written their code for non-Unicode builds, attempt to convert
the string from local encoding to UTF-16.

That type of "best effort" could theoretically cause some type of
security or other problem if a string that was locally encoded was also
valid UTF-8, and therefore an unexpected UTF-8 to UTF-16 conversion
could occur.

Ref: https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/7246

Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/7257
Daniel Stenberg
test677: IMAP CONNECT_ONLY, custom command and then exit

Adjusted ftpserver.pl to add support for the IMAP IDLE command

Adjusted test 660 to sync with the fix
GitHub Pull Request #7178 (4 commits)
Daniel Stenberg
fixup sock more for portability
Gregory Muchka
hostip: (macOS) free returned memory of SCDynamicStoreCopyProxies

From Apples documentation on SCDynamicStoreCopyProxies, "Return Value: A
dictionary of key-value pairs that represent the current internet proxy
settings, or NULL if no proxy settings have been defined or if an error
occurred. You must release the returned value."

Failure to release the returned value of SCDynamicStoreCopyProxies can
result in a memory leak.

Source: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/systemconfiguration/1517088-scdynamicstorecopyproxies

Closes #7265
GitHub Pull Request #7285 (1 commit)
Daniel Stenberg
fixup sock comparisons "always true"
Daniel Stenberg
Daniel Stenberg
http: make the haproxy support work with unix domain sockets

... it should then pass on "PROXY UNKNOWN" since it doesn't know the
involved IP addresses.

Reported-by: Valentín Gutiérrez
Fixes #7290
Daniel Stenberg
curl_endian: remove the unused Curl_write64_le function
The last usage was removed in cca455a36

Closes #7280
Li Xinwei
cmake: fix support for UnixSockets feature on Win32

Move the definition of sockaddr_un struct from config-win32.h to
curl_setup.h, so that it could be shared by all build systems.

Add ADDRESS_FAMILY typedef for old mingw, now old mingw can also use
unix sockets.

Also fix the build of tests/server/sws.c on Win32 when USE_UNIX_SOCKETS
is defined.

Closes #7034
GitHub Pull Request #7178 (3 commits)
Bin Meng
curl.h: remove the execution bit

The execution bit of curl.h file was wrongly added:

  commit 2621025d6f96 ("curl.h: <sys/select.h> is supported by VxWorks7")

and should be removed.

Follow-up to 2621025d6f96 ("curl.h: <sys/select.h> is supported by VxWorks7")
Signed-off-by: Bin Meng <bmeng.cn@gmail.com>
Closes #7286
Bin Lan
curl.h: <sys/select.h> is supported by VxWorks7

Closes #7285
GitHub Pull Request #7287 (1 commit)